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Project: Humanity and Crow’s Theatre are seeking high school participants to join us for an unprecedented March Break drama workshop focusing on Verbatim Theatre:
March 13, 2019 - 10am-4:30pm - at Crow’s Theatre in Toronto

Over the past 30 years, Verbatim Theatre (or Documentary Theatre) has become a growing theatrical art form. Since 2008, Project: Humanity has been leading the development of this kind of work in Toronto by creating ‘live documentaries’ from real-life interviews with community members. 

Harnessing the powers of drama, journalism and the social sciences, Verbatim is a way of making theatre that stimulates both the imagination and the conscience. It can tackle questions of justice in a compelling way and can embody the very best of ‘artivism’. It also raises important and exciting ethical concerns about appropriation of voice, representation and the nature of “truth” or “realness”. 

Workshop participants will be initiated in Project: Humanity’s signature Verbatim Theatre-making techniques (including interviewing, script development and exploring ‘other people’s words’) and will begin to create their own ‘live documentary’ performances about issues that matter to the them. This is not just a workshop for actors or playwrights; we also invite students who are interested in the arts and social change, in writing, in journalism, or in documentary films.

The March Break Verbatim Theatre Workshop runs 10am-4:30pm on Wednesday, March 13 and is designed for students in Grade 9-12. This includes a hot lunch, and a viewing of our 2pm matinee performance of Towards Youth by Andrew Kushnir – a new verbatim play that features the voices of youth from around the globe.


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Location: Streetcar crowsnest, 354 Carlaw Ave, Toronto

Cost: $30/participant (includes lunch and theatre ticket), subsidies are available.

For more information and to register, please email Lauren at info@projecthumanity.ca