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Sept.9, 2014

A queer white documentary theatre-maker is investigating homophobia in Jamaica.

But what starts as a quest to awaken the world to an injustice turns into
a burning call for the artist to confront himself.

Project: Humanity is proud to announce our upcoming premiere of Small Axe, a co-production with The Theatre Centre happening this coming January. A trenchant look at injustice, identity and community, Small Axe is the latest documentary play from PH's creative director Andrew Kushnir and PH associate artist Alan Dilworth. The two artists have been in residency at The Theatre Centre since 2011.

How do we justly engage with an injustice? To whom does an injustice “belong”? Through a constellation of encounters – with activists, refugees, priests and ministers, journalists, Pride Week revelers, and many queer people of colour – an artist’s worldview gets challenged, disassembled, and remade in unexpected ways.

Stay tuned for more details about the show, the ensemble/creative team, and some exciting community partnerships.


Congratulations to Andrew Kushnir, Damien Atkins, and Paul Dunn on a brilliant run of The Gay Heritage Project at Buddies in Bad Times. Here are a few links to reviews (if you managed to miss them). Globe and Mail - The Star - NOW Magazine - The Grid
Be sure to check out their FACEBOOK page to see what's next for the project.

Margot, Jane and Henry
featuring original Choreography by Catherine Murray

Catherine Murray's Recalling/Calling is an exploration of the concept of the compassionate citizen. Catherine has developed this work from her experience interacting with, and interviewing, pregnant teenagers and young mothers. Beginning with her own experience, Recalling/Calling sees an artist investigate her way through the foreign domain of others. By situating herself in another person's experience, Catherine explores our ability to foster compassion.

Margot, Jane and Henry brings together five dance artists studying in the MFA program in choreography, in a performance showcasing original autobiographical dance created at the most personal level: the self-choreographed solo.

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by Andrew Kushnir, directed by Alan Dilworth

"There's only been one script. Right? There's only been one script...and it's the same script that you've been given."

100 interviews and counting, Small Axe is a new piece of documentary theatre looking at injustice, complicity and permission. From PH creative director Andrew Kushnir and PH artistic associate Alan Dilworth, the piece investigates the intersection of homophobia and racism and what it means to situate oneself at the centre of this dynamic. The piece has been in development in Residency at The Theatre Centre since 2010 and in September 2012 had a workshop showing thanks to funding from The Theatre Centre, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. All proceeds from the pay-what-you-can admission were donated to housing program initiated by the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays (J-FLAG).

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Picasso's Black Canvas...

Wednesday June 27th 2013 was the first reading of Picasso's Black Canvas, our new Verbatim Theatre piece that focuses on stories of struggle, survival, thrival, and resilience. It was part of a Queer Pride 2012 event called
'Young, Gifted, and Black'  at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre.

Tawiah, Daniel, Samson, Tommie
on break togehter having a laugh, and a sandwich

Read a lovely article in PositiveLite magazine

Leading up to the reading, director Andrew Kushnir and playwright Antonio Cayonne collaborated closely with the projects' two chief researchers, David Lewis-Peart and Dr. Lance McCready, as well as four talented young actors (above) to bring this piece to life. This piece has been made possible by funding provided by the CIHR SRC in HIV Prevention Research and the CIHR, through the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (BlackCAP).

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Project: Humanity's - Small Axe -has been generously supported by the:

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Project: Humanity is a not for profit organization

that raises social awareness through the arts.