Project: Humanity is a not-for-profit organization that raises awareness about social issues through the arts with a strong focus on community service.

Happening Now

Project: Humanity is pleased to present a new production, Audio Guides, featuring new work from Catherine Murray, with invited work by Andrea Spaziani and Christy Stoeten.  
Audio Guides  will be presented at The Citadel from March 3-5, 2016. 

Audio Guides will feature new dance work from Project: Humanity's Catherine Murray. Catherine has been exploring the concept of creating "verbatim movement" based on interviews she conducted with young mothers utilizing the services of Jessie's Centre (The June Callwood Centre for Young Women).

Catherine's new work /vərˈbādəm/ centres on how dance, language, and personal experience interact, intersect, and inform each other. Dancers physically represent the conversations in these interviews by applying a verbatim framework to their "translation." The work explores the opportunity for verbatim text, verbatim movement, and a voice to exist in the same space, attempting to maintain the integrity of all three of these forms which are dependent upon, and derived from, each other.