Project: Humanity raises awareness of social issues through the arts


We want to express our support to and for the silence-breakers in our community. We want to acknowledge their suffering and their profound courage in speaking out. We want to further an atmosphere that allows the silenced to speak freely about sexual harassment and bullying.

The important conversation rising in our community right now has us reflecting deeply as a company and as arts practitioners. Privileging marginalized voices is among our core values and we are reminded of how this must be a "value-in-motion". We believe that policies provide a critical map but are not enough on their own. Safe spaces are created in practice, relationally, in an ongoing way. This requires vigilance, renewal and continued effort.

In wrestling with what action we can take at this time, we keep relating to some key ideas. As a company, we’ve landed on the following imperatives and we want to go on the record with them.

Now is an important time for us to listen: to create space for and to receive the stories of those who have been impacted by issues of sexual harassment and bullying, to be receptive to new ways forward that may not yet be apparent to us.

Now is an important time to challenge ourselves: to locate and declare ourselves within this issue, to invest time and energy into our own self-improvement, to create more rigorous safe-space policies and practices with all of our collaborators and partners. 

Now is an important time to act for meaningful change: to keep pushing this critical conversation forward, to not presume that systemic change can happen for us or without us.

- Andrew Kushnir and Daniel Chapman-Smith

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