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Towards Youth development workshop, December 2017

Towards Youth development workshop, December 2017

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Upcoming Project: Humanity Productions and Community Initiatives

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February 2019 saw the world premiere of our latest documentary play Towards Youth: a play on radical hope in co-production with Crow's Theatre. In it, a cast of nine explored the voices of drama class students in Canada, England, Taiwan, Greece and India. PH also toured a new work-in-progress titled We Now Recognize from Khari Wendell McClelland (creator of last season's Freedom Singer) as part of TD's Black History Month programming. Coming up is more development on We Now Recognize and a new musical verbatim project.



On the education front, the company has just embarked on a three-year partnership with the TDSB, bringing our signature Verbatim Theatre workshops into high schools. As a result, our engagement with schools for our recent production of Towards Youth was more than triple what we have seen in past productions, and we are already responding to teachers’ requests to design workshops as part of their curriculums and culminating projects.



In Spring 2019, PH resumes it's long-time partnership with Youth Without Shelter bringing drama programming back into the youth shelter context. This program provides an opportunity for shelter residents to de-stress, to bolster communication skills, and to explore a sense of community through play. While we have been running this program on-and-off since we incorporated, this launch will bring to fruition our long-standing dream of having a permanent presence in the shelter, with plans to expand to multiple locations in years to come.

project: humanity’s 10th anniversary donation campaign

In honour of Project: Humanity's 10-year anniversary, our long-time company champion and supporter Franca Gucciardi launched a donation-matching campaign to fuel our work. We are thrilled to share that with her support, and the support of the donors listed below, we were able to raise more than $20,000 for PH’s 2019 activities. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who supported this initiative:

Ian Arnold, Byron Abalos, Dorinne Ah-Kam, Kaleb Alexander, Clayton Atto, Hamish Birt, Hugh Brewster, Nolan Bryant, David Chapman-Smith, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Catherine Chapman-Smith, Chris Cowperthwaite, Albert Daigen, Laura Dinner & Richard Rooney, Janet Drynan, Robert Ian Edwards, Catherine Fowler, Doreen Fumia, Franca Gucciardi, Jesse Helmer, Valerie Hussey, Matthew Jocelyn, Laura Lawson, Quentin Lindsay, The McCall MacBain Foundation, Dawn Pemberton, Micah Richardson, Karen Robinson, Natasha Sawh, Leonard Schein, Mike Schwindt, Heather Spratt, Ian Stevens, Noah Walker, Mark Wasyleczko, Bohdan Wasyleczko, Tim Watson, Ciara Whelan, Anja Zeljkovic, Aviva Zimmerman, and several anonymous donors.

Project: Humanity is grateful for the support of our major donors, public funders and corporate partners:

Laura Dinner
& Richard Rooney

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