About Project: Humanity

Though our practice is based locally in Toronto, our focus is on global issues. 

Project: Humanity (PH) creates original and innovative socially-minded audience experiences. Our creations are characterized by the inclusion of a multiplicity of local voices and perspectives, the application of simple and powerful metaphors, and a grappling with questions of justice. We are committed to joining and advancing community conversations, and finding new ways of listening. Our fusion of artistic excellence and a rigorous social justice mandate resonates with many communities outside of the performing arts; PH presents across the country at conferences, high schools, universities and youth shelters.  

PH is one of Canada's leading developers of Verbatim Theatre: transforming original interview transcripts into drama. We gravitate towards work that foregrounds the narratives, experiences and insights of marginalized people. These communities and individuals are typically mis- or under- represented by mainstream media. For over 8 years, we've continued to develop a detailed methodology and ethical code for our work that is grounded foremost in developing relationships and partnerships with frontline workers, academics and activists engaging with the issues in question. These relations are key to our process and practice.  

PH is a non-profit based in Toronto, Canada and was incorporated in 2008.